Run your Small Business on Autopilot

We have worked with some great Fortune 500 companies. However, we are also positioned to empower the Fortunate 5 Million (Small Businesses) with what we have learned. We have several turn-key solutions that can be implemented within your budget without taking much of your valuable time. These are validated solutions that are guaranteed to improve your marketing, workflow and profitability. We are dedicated to helping you become the business that you have dreamed of being.


Mobile Apps to reach more customers

Now every business can offer a B2B or B2C mobile experience. New mobile technology can help with a very old concept – community. A community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular interest in common or a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Isn’t this what we want from customers. To create a common sharing of interest that take us beyond a business relationship. You will profit from transforming your customers into raving fans.

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Mobile Sales Automation (Sell on the go!)

Make more money faster! CatiLogic Express is the best way to promote your business, product or yourself. Best of all you can use it on the go – on your mobile device. Automate your Sales with an Agile CRM tool that allows you to market, sell and run your business from anywhere.

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Business Automation (and CRM)

Run your business autopilot!

What if you could run your business on autopilot? Visualize your progress on the go. Relax knowing that everything is right on track!

We have created apps using Podio that will revolutionize your business. We have architected amazing automations that are ready to use. Communicate with your team socially. Interact with leads, clients and vendors easily and instantly. Have IT support, training and assistance whenever you need it!

Even if you are not using Podio now we can implement a solution in the context of your terminology, workflow and culture. Get started with Podio for $FREE. We will provide sophisticated business automation to simplify your processes and you can get more done!

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Inbound Marketing

Transform Prospects to Leads then to Fans!

Many marketing solutions are beyond the budget reach or are so complex that they can not be implemented in a timely manner. BizNetz can provide validated marketing technology solution that provide success on time and within budget. We use smart cloud-based solutions to provide the ability to surgically communicate to the appropriate prospects and transform current customers to fans.

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