Pricing: CatiLogic Express

CatiLogic Express – Mobile Sales Automation (CRM)

Sell more Faster. You have a powerful computer that you carry with you at all times. Put it to work for you. Business Cards, Follow-up letters, Lead Tracking and Proposals on the Go. Run your business on autopilot with the mobile device as your remote control.

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$299 for set-up configuration, training and first year support / hosting
  • √ Business Cards
  • √ Follow-up Emails
  • √ Digital Media Communications
  • √ Lead Mgt. & Tracking
  • √ Digital Presentations
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$2499 for set-up configuration, training and first year support / hosting
  • √ Standard & Professional Features plus
  • √ Professional Design
  • √ Advanced Proposals
  • √ Digital Kiosk
  • √ Web Integration
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Note: The yearly support, hosting and updates can be canceled with 30 days notice. Pricing per
year is per user for the application and 5 users for the desktop management application in Podio.

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