Joe Frazier

Joseph “Joe” E. Frazier is CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer at BizNetz, Inc. Joe is BizNetz’ technology visionary and Chief Software Architect. BizNetz has been developing specialized software for over 25 years. BizNetz were pioneers in web-based and mobile applications and technology. BizNetz is the fastest path from “Inspiration to Installation.” Joe is an award winning Software Architect. Joe heads BizNetz’ consulting, Serveon application development and BizCloudz cloud-based application and hosting divisions. Joe is the key visionary and developer of BizNetz’ revolutionary intellectual properties and methodologies. BizNetz Serveon’s management and client services system is called “The Hero Approach.” The Hero Approach coincides with one of Joe’s core values and validated scientific evidence. Joe believes that everyone is a Hero at something and essential to a great life is discovering your true powers.



Joe is an expert in in Customer Experience (CX), Software Application User Experience (UX) and Cloud/Mobile/Web/Internet of Things (IOT), Business Process Automation (BPA), Online Banking, and E-Commerce with expertise in User Interface (UI) architecture, design and development. Joe has architected the entire customer experience process for many Fortune 500 companies (including Wells Fargo Bank, Disney, Syngenta, Suntrust Bank).

Using his over 30 years of software development, business process automation and business skills, he helps companies enhance productivity and profitability through the use of technology. Utilizing skills in CX, UX, Software Project Management and software design Joe optimizes and enhances processes within companies positively affecting the entire customer journey. Joe is an expert in several agile software development methodologies and principles including Rational Unified Process (RUP), Extreme Programming and Scrum. Joe is the developer of BizNetz-Serveon’s development methodology – 3D. Joe’s knowledge goes beyond the development process to a customer’s entire relationship with the product, service and brand with all its various interfaces and touch-points.

Joe specializes in inventing innovative technology and developing people to their full potential. He has worked with some of the best and brightest people during his career. He was the creator of a product that Oracle described as one of the webs 30 most innovative software products. Joe is a technology expert and public speaker who shares his insights on technology and business and personal development. Joe has been a speaker at Wake Forest University, North Carolina A&T State University, and University of North Carolina at Greensboro to name a few. Joe has worked for Bell Labs, Corning Telecommunications, and Rockwell International. He has created software products and provided consultation for Volvo, Syngenta, IBM, Disney/ABC, RMIC, Wells Fargo Bank, and SunTrust Bank to name a few.

Joe is a graduate of Tougaloo College and Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech). Joe has degrees in Theoretical and Applied Physics specializing in Computational Physics and Computer-based devices. Joe has accomplished his goal of discovering Time Travel. This was not accomplished by harnessing the power of anti-matter or the ‘flux capacitor.’ He has found that by sharing his knowledge and love for science and technology with children, he can “Time Travel” and affect future generations. Joe also works everyday to provide software to help businesses better utilize their time and harness the power of their information. Joe’s hobbies include music. He has written and produce albums for independent record labels and appeared on stage with BB King, James Brown, and Morris Day and The Time, to name a few. Joe’s most vital relationship is the personal friendship he has with Jesus Christ. He says his biggest accomplishments are marrying his GA Tech sweetheart Rhonda (geek-love) and their two beautiful, talented, brilliant daughters Jordan and Reagan.

Business Process Automation Expert

Joe is an expert at using automate processes in order to contain costs. He has helped many organization by integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications to help businesses run components of their operations on auto pilot. What could your organization do by increasing its productivity by 30 – 40%?

UX / UI Specialist

Power is a backend visual page builder allowing to build unique page layouts without coding.

Software Innovator

Built in WordPress tool that helps to make changes and see them taking effect on the fly.

Consistency is the key

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