Residential and commercial services, construction and remodeling is one of the fastest growth small business sectors. What is the lowest cost way to grow your business in this sector? Should you add more people? Get better equipment? Lower your prices? The secret is to learn from many other high growth industries: Work smarter.
You are working hard. For all your effort you need to get more done and make more money. What if you could increase your profits while actually working less. We have invented amazing technology specific to your business that is easy to use. We have utilized this technology in manufacturing, real estate and sales to increase productivity from 25 to 40%. In some cases doubling profit. Imagine doing less work and making more money.

Increase profit and make more money?


What can minimize the profits of businesses like yours?

Limited time to communicate with customers 85%
Capabilities to track time and expenses 90%
Ability to market, advertise and provide work examples 45%
Proposal and payment process 75%
iToolBeltz  is a one of a kind mobile application specifically designed for the construction and home improvement industry.   This versatile tool can be used on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. Think of it like adding a powerful tool to your tool belt. Or enhancing a tool (your smartphone) that you already use every day. iToolBeltz is a solution that will enable you to market, manage and make more money on your jobs. Pull out your smartphone or tablet and create an estimate with a few clicks. Send out a proposal and get paid quickly. Get customer information and send a targeted portfolio of your work with the click of a button. Run critical aspects of your business while in the field like carrying around your own remote control.


Please note, iToolBeltz will only work for you if you are willing to make a paradigm shift in your mind and make the time for our convenient set-up and online training. Our team does the heavy lifting and gets you ready to integrate this tool into your busy life. One of the downsides of this tool is it does not work offline. So you will need internet access. You may also need to figure out what to do with your extra time, like a social life, more family time or a great vacation. Get ready to enjoy additional time, less stress and more money.

Send out Quick E Business Cards

Send out an Electronic Business Card that can’t be lost as is added easily to the recipients contacts, Make it easy to get in touch.

One Click Follow-up Emails

Be memorable! Send a well-written follow-up email with just one click. We have included professionally written emails for many  circumstances. Quickly land your next job.

Offer a Video Portfolio

Show what you can do. Let your videos and pictures tell your story. Provide Pictures and Videos with Descriptions to give your clients & prospects confidence and excitement about your services.

Quick Proposals with Online Payments

Provide professional agreements that protect you and give your clients confidence. Get paid quickly using our built-in payment system. Note: *Requires a PayPal account.
iToolBeltz capabilities include:
  1. Easily get customer  and prospect information
  2. Effortlessly Track Time and Expenses to Manage Profitability
  3. Quickly create Estimates, Proposals and Contract Agreements
  4. Provide online payment, online checks, credit for your customers and even subscription payments
  5. Enhance your business’s Marketing, Advertising and Customer Specific Work Examples / Portfolios
Upgrade your business, add a digital assistant and power up your tool belt with this easy-to-use interactive mobile tooliToolBeltz!

Make work easier!  Imagine:

  • Having a Life instead of Making a Living
  • Running your business instead of it running you
  • Becoming the Hero of your own story
  • Letting your smartphone do the heavy lifting

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