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Many people are choosing life over livelihood. Some are placing a higher priority on freedom and enjoyment rather than running a business. This may be one of the ultimate triumphs of being over doing. We help people like you  thrive in the Gig Economy. You may a heart full of dreams but limited resources. Due to the large numbers of people willing to work part-time, flexible or short-term positions (commonly called gigs), the result is a “Gig Economy” where there is cheaper, more efficient services (such as Uber or Airbnb) for those willing to use them. And there are opportunities for people who want to live the way they want to and do what they love to do. Millennials and Baby boomers are opting for richer lives and work experiences. This is why America is transforming into a Gig Economy. It is estimated that as much as a third of the working population is already working in some sort of gig capacity. However, those who don’t engage in using technology effectively are not able to have long-term success in the Gig Economy.

GigNetz provides digital solutions to allow individuals to be able to easily and effectively market, manage and and make money in the Gig Economy. Our solutions allow you to do what you love while eliminating many of the risk and uncertainty associated with a gig. See how we can help you handle business on autopilot while you focus on being instead of just doing.

Do you meet the criteria for thriving in the Gig Economy?

Can work independently and focus 85%
Highly skilled in an area that you love 90%
Requirements for security and stability 35%
Have effective tools to market, manage and get paid 75%


If you don’t have the right tools to gig effectively, we can help!

  • Send Example work or portfolios
  • Send Electronic Business Cards, automatic Follow-up Letters and Resume’s
  • Receive web inquiries
  • Market on Social Networks and Email
  • Send out Contracts and Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Send Digital Proposals and Invoices
  • Receive Digital Payments
  • Includes pre-written emails, contracts and agreements
  • and More…


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