Sow Basis:

Fixed Priced Project with contingency.



This Statement of Work (SOW) describes efforts in which consulting, architecture, design, development and integration will be provided for a fixed number of hours to provide the features listed in the selected option. This project will deliver functionality as described on the selected options. Any associated services, Software as a Service and/or products will be limited in scope within the set number of hours. Optional yearly consulting, support and maintenance is recommended to handle any tweaks, issues and updates as needed. This SOW is based on currently known requirements, technology, and environment.

Out of Scope:

The following functionalities are considered out-of-scope for this engagement
• Anything requiring a capital expenditure on the part of BizNetz, Inc.

Additional resources, time and tools that exceed what is specified in this SOW. Functionality variations may be accomodated within the specified hours.

CLIENT is responsible for supplying content, copy, data and requirements. BizNetz will help integrate to Podio and other third party applications or extensions as needed. BizNetz makes no warranty for the veracity of the content, user input or third party applications.

Content Development and Data Input: BizNetz is not being engaged for the development of content for this project unless otherwise specified. CLIENT and other third parties may develop all specific content. BizNetz will however develop the systems necessary to either dynamically feed data, or allow users to directly input data into Podio and may use other hosted pages to provide functionality. BizNetz makes no warranty for the veracity of the content or user input.
Statement of Work: BizNetz will provide consulting and programming services based upon the details provided in this SOW. Third party tools may be used, configured and integrated by BizNetz. Client will be made aware of cost and functionality of any third party tool used. Client is responsible for paying for any third party tool that they agree to use.
Confidentiality: Without Client's prior written consent, BizNetz agrees not to use or disclose to others, and will regard and preserve as confidential, all information obtained by it in connection with and resulting from work hereunder. BizNetz shall keep strictly confidential the substance of its discussions and conversations with, and its advice to, Client personnel relating to this Agreement.
Client Intellectual Property:

All original works of art, authorship, source codes, inventions, ideas, reports and related material which BizNetz develops or has developed hereunder, including any copyright, patent, trade secret or intellectual property rights with respect thereto (collectively “Work Product”) shall be disclosed to Client. All such Work Product that is copyrightable subject matter shall be considered “works made for hire” under the Copyright Act of 1976, as amended, and shall be the property of Client.

BizNetz Intellectual Property:

Client agrees that BizNetz may utilize its own Intellectual Property, without compromise of the ownership of said Intellectual Property, within Client work product for the purpose of time and cost savings for the project. In the event that BizNetz uses its intellectual property, Client has the license to use this intellectual property solely in the context of this work product.

Warranty: BizNetz warrants that all BizNetz services shall be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner, consistent with current industry standards. Client's remedy for a breach of this warranty shall be for BizNetz to either re-perform such BizNetz services or to refund to Client an amount proportional to the portion of services found defective. Client must notify BizNetz within 90 days of the completion of services.
Project Life Cycle:

BizNetz uses a proprietary rapid software development methodology developed over a period of 20 years based on software development best practices call “3D.” This methodology and associated processes makes use of BizNetz’s Virtual Project Space. BizNetz can provide all of the appropriate inputs to the client’s methodology. We will work with client Service Delivery and Project Managers to provide all the necessary information to effectively track, manage, and support the project outlined in this SOW. The 3D rapid development methodology uses prototypes, user interaction, and iterative releases of software functionality. Use cases and Test plans are derived from the Project Vision Session and are outlined in the Milestones and Deliverables. Detail dates and schedules will be delivered during Iteration 0 during the project Architecture, Design, and Planning process. Project plan and release tracking will be available after iteration 0 in the Virtual Project Space. Additional details including deliverables, milestones, and requirements may be outlined below. The deliverables and associated time estimates are included.

Project Parameters:

Completion is defined as the delivery of all BizNetz agreed upon scope, integration and configuration as referenced in this document. Additional changes post project may be ordered by verbal request, email, or by purchase order. Other third part extensions and tools recommended by BizNetz may need to be purchased by the client in order to complete the functionality required. BizNetz makes no claims as to the reliability of the third party tools. Any issues caused by any third party tool including but not limited to Podio must be followed up with the third party company by BizNetz. This Statement of Work constitutes a written offer for work to be performed by BizNetz for Client. Upon notice by Client, this SOW shall be considered accepted by BizNetz.


• Appropriate information and requirements.

• Timely testing by end-users

• Client is responsible for supplying necessary information, data and process steps required to complete development, integration and configuration.

• Client Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be made available to explain, document, review and answer questions required to complete functionality.

• Access to appropriate existing workspaces and data as needed.

• Access to new Podio workspace to develop new functionality with Admin rights.

• Access to Web Site as member with edit capability.

• Access to DNS changes as needed or technical resource with such access.

Status Reporting:

BizNetz, Inc. will provide status reports to  provide Client with a regular update of various activities. Some of the important contents of this report may include:

• Time Reporting
• Sprint / Deliverables Overview
• Activities completed in previous week
• Activities pending in previous week and reasons for the same
• Activities planned for next week
• Potential dependencies between BizNetz, Inc. and Client that could affect next week’s plans
• Open Issues / Escalations, if any
• Risks, if any
• Requirement Changes
• Overall status of progress versus planned timeline
• BizNetz, Inc. will inform the designated Client Manager(s) of any issues/schedule slippage in a proactive manner.

Change Management: BizNetz, Inc. will work closely with the CLIENT project manager to ensure the BizNetz Change Management process is followed. The BizNetz Change Management process should be triggered for any changes in scope of work such as additional requirements, changes to work in progress or for changes to deliverables that have been accepted by CLIENT. Contingencies are only utilized if BizNetz and CLIENT agree on making these changes in the original scope. If changes can be completed by reducing or modifiying existing deliverables Change Management and resulting payment for contingencies may be avoided.
Timelines: Detailed timelines will be provided after Iteration 0. BizNetz, Inc. anticipates the project completion based on the known deliverables and time estimates as stated in this document.

The CLIENT may terminate this agreement with a 30-day notice by electronic communication and confirmation. Terminating the subscription may be completed before payment for the next 30-day period.

Roll Over Hours (Service / Support):

Hours from one month can rollover into the next (one) month within the same year, up to a maximum of the hours allocated for two months.


BizNetz, Inc. will carry out the current engagement based on the SOW Basis, at total cost listed in the Cost of Work. This price quoted is:
• Inclusive of per diems and other expenses

• Inclusive of tools, equipment software to support client and client project virtually.
• Exclusive of travel costs from BizNetz, Inc. to respective CLIENT location.
• Exclusive of all taxes that might be applicable including VAT, service taxes, sales taxes etc.

• Work beyond monthly support may be quoted at the non-contract rate.

• Changes, additions or updates not included in the deliverables may be requested. These changes may be included within the overall project budget or a subsequent project.

Payment Schedule:

The payment for these products and services are listed and included on the payment page after you click the associated button. You will receive a notification from our implementation team to schedule a kick-off meeting. Subscriptions period requires a minimal thirty-day notice for cancelation of the next period. .Subscription payments are not refundable after the start of the period. For example a yearly subscription may be canceled up to thirty days before the end of the year for the next year. 

Digital Signature:Digital Signature: By pressing submit and paying you are agreeing to the terms stated herein. Thank you.