Technology today is moving faster than ever. A Marketing strategy that has emerged to help promote these new technologies is In-Bound Marketing.

The difference between In-Bound Marketing and Out-Bound Marketing.

In-Bound Marketing promotes the use of more recent technologies like search engines, social media, and other mobile technologies that get consumers active and more enthused about what your service or product can do for them.

Out-Bound Marketing is based on older more implanting methods like direct mail, Television commercials, and Web Advertisements. These methods costs companies millions of dollars and if not affectively used can contribute user saturation.

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According to “Lauren Drell of” Out-Bound Marketing:


% of direct mail that is never opened


% of people who skip through television commercials


% of people who have left a website because of irrelevant ads

Use Inbound Marketing to focus on your audience and transform visitors into promoters:

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