Catilogic now works with Podio. Work the way you want and Share Everywhere. Serveon is an authorized Podio Partner experienced in Podio consultation and integration.

About Podio
What really sets Podio apart is how it puts people in control of their work tools, rather than the other way around. You decide how to structure your projects, teams and workflows by creating your own workspaces and sharing them with relevant people. You also decide how to structure, create and present content and information that’s linked to your work processes and interactions. You do this by choosing from hundreds of Podio’s specialized work apps or creating your own to help you get the job done – whatever it is.

About Catilogic
CatiLogic is Serveon’s turn key mobile solution. Jump start your mobile strategy or leap frog your competition.
CatiLogic provides an innovate and easy-to-use mobile platform. Put a powerful tool in the hands of your sales reps and agents. Connect clients to close more sales faster with these powerful features:

  • Mobilize your company with little to no technical know how.
  • Catalogs to get to the specific information you need quickly.
  • Branded with your organization’s information, logos, cover page and headers.
  • Pictorial gallery to get easily to the appropriate category.
  • Easily provide, data, attributes and images.
  • Digital media available easily at a click (PDFs, Images, Videos – YouTube, vimeo, etc.)
  • Sophisticated Search and Filtering
  • Easily Manage your content with Podio
  • In Podio, integrate Projects, Workflow and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your organization can create multiple catalog subscriptions. A subscription can include your entire product catalog or variations of that catalog, Your company can focus subscriptions on product types, particular categories of users, various product lines, specific applications, and by resource. CatiLogic provides your organization with the power to put the right products, services and media into the hands  of  your customers with available multiple subscription and targeted distribution. Sales increase when your customers have the information they want and need to make the best and quickest possible business decision.

Catilogic and Podio together
Get started with Podio for Free and Get the Catilogic Apps from the MarketPlace for Free. Manage and Control your mobile presence with the ease of Podio distribute to every device with the convenience of Catilogic. Your customers will be able to get to and customize detailed information about your products and services in a personalized way on their mobile devices. You or your sales reps or agents don’t need paper or a laptop just a tablet or phone to get all the information you need for your customers. Product information, data, examples and digital media (including PDFs, Videos and images). Carry all your vital information easily and conveniently. Easily manage, update instantly and simplify your workflow with Podio.

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