You are a human being.
Not a human “doing!”

Every team could could be more effective and get more done, if they could automate business functions so they can focus on being the company or team that they dreamed to be. What if you could get rid of all the busy and mundane functions and actually focus on your business, your mission, what you love. We develop solutions to help you do just that.  When you stop focusing on doing you can become the business that you are destined to be.

Everything is easier when we are being…

We are so busy doing. Often So focused on the To Do list. Trying so hard to do things right. Stop! Remember we are NOT human doings, we are human beings. We provide solutions so you and your team can focus on what you do best. Put the busy-work on autopilot. Everyone can use their mobile device like a remote control. Minimize emails and communicate socially. Eliminate tome-wasting meetings that seem like a middle school dance. Let’s get more done so you can get your time back. Our strategy will help you and your team become what you were always destined to be!

Be more Mobile

Sell everywhere and work anywhere with mobile apps (native and responsive), tools and services.

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Be more Agile

Increase productivity with enhanced workflows & process automation that allow you to focus.

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Be more Social

Improve communications for team members with internal messaging and customers via social networks

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Be more Profitable

Boost profitability by increasing productivity and focusing on your core vision and important goals.

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Become: Transforming Strategy

We have a strategy to help you become the company, team and person that you are destined to be. This strategy includes validated components that we have used to help customers for over 25 years. We help you to become… * Be Who you are – focus on your goals and free yourself and your people to use their talents and abilities * Be More mobile – give your people the opportunity to work on the go and your customers the capabilities to see who you are and interact with you in the context of their busy lives * Be More social – speed up communication of your teams and understand where your current prospects and clients are coming from * Be More productive – improve and automate your processes and workflow so you and your team can focus on being the best they can be * Be More profitable – by focusing on your core competencies, working from anywhere while communicating efficiently, enhancing productivity and seeing and understanding your numbers, you can work effectively and increase your bottom line impact.



Transform and empower your business with these automation solutions.

CatiLogic B2C Mobile App

Your Mobile App available for your customers. Although websites are important, mobile is now essential for business. We build customer centric mobile apps people are focused on your business.

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Residential and commercial services, construction and remodeling is one of the fastest growing small business sectors. What is the lowest cost way to grow your business in this sector? Work smarter!

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CatiLogic Express

CatiLogic Express can help you do what you do now, easier. It can help you make more money faster. It is the best way to introduce and promote your business, product or yourself.

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Many people are placing a higher priority on freedom and enjoyment rather than running a business. We help people like you thrive in the Gig Economy.

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Smart Cloud Solutions

With so many cloud-based tools, desktop software and mobile apps, wouldn’t it be amazing to have one solution for YOUR business. Now your business can run on autopilot from any device.

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BizGadgetz Lite

Find out how you can get lite gadgetz for $FREE. Learn to begin automating your business. Now you can begin to run your business on autopilot.

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What is a bizGadgetz?

A bizGadgetz is a powerful responsive mobile application built on BizNetz expanded framework and scaled for economy. These applications are designed to enable you to work anywhere. Each bizGadgetz is targeted toward a vertical niche and purpose. Find out more about our business power tools, designed to help you Manage, Market and Make more money in your business.



A bizGadgetz is customized to your industry, functionality, and specific requirements.

Click on the button below to see what it will cost to get a custom application to run your business on remote-control. Find the perfect solution that is right for your business and your budget. It cost less than you think.

Get back to doing what you love by easily automating your business. Each option includes a set-up, branding, configuration and customization charge. Click below to see how economical transforming your business can be.

Are you ready to run your business by remote control? Be more mobile!

Let BizNetz² empower your mobile strategy. You always have a powerful computer with you. Optimize your effectiveness with an integrated mobile solution. Your team and your customers are using their mobile devices for communication and connections. Let these devices enhance your productivity and profitability.

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Enhance communication with your team and customers!

Social communication is effective and efficient. Optimize your business communication with an internal and social marketing strategy.

Be More Social!

Be more agile and increase profits

We take great teams to the next level by helping them work much smarter.
Find out how productivity will not only help you make more money
but your team will also be healthier and happier.